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Bagwele (Ba·gwele) {Tswana}:People of Mogwele


Mogwele (Mo·gwele) {Tswana}: Lesser Bushbaby.Galago


At Bagwele Safaris we believe that ethical hunting contributes to sustainable conservation. We work to ensure that we have a balanced number and ratio of species in their different ecosystems, ensuring that the habitat overall is well maintained.


We operate according to the highest standards of hunting ethics, with an appreciation for the ongoing viability of the species being hunted. Bagwele Safaris is a private Outfitter and Professional Hunting organisation catering for both South African and Foreign Hunters alike.



Bagwele Safaris
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We offer our clients a unique and exclusive adventure, whilst maintaining the highest standards in personal service and hunting ethics.


Bagwele Safaris operates from the Mogwele Game Lodge, a privately owned conservancy area situated in the western side of the Limpopo Province, roughly 40km north-west of Thabazimbi.


Mogwele Game Lodge Accommodation

The hunting camp is situated on the Mogwele Game Lodge and has been designed to ensure a minimum impact on the surrounding bushveld environment.


Great care has been taken to ensure that all the structures blend in with the environment. For this reason many mammal and avian species regularly move through the camp, allowing non-hunting companions to enjoy the pleasures and beauty of the South African bushveld from the comfort of an armchair.




The accommodation is designed with comfort and luxury in mind, incorporating a Main Lodge, Boma, Lapa and three Bungalows, providing accommodation for a maximum of six visitors at any one time. All of the structures are built under thatch in the style which is so common to the South African bushveld. The Main Lodge is equipped with a lounge, kitchen including laundry, dining room, a well equipped pub incorporating two fridges and a wine cooler. One of the main entertainment and relaxation areas is the "stoep" (porch) which has a clear view of the waterhole situated some 100 meters from the Main Lodge.


The comfort and tranquillity of the "stoep" is only disturbed by the comings and goings of the various game and bird species visiting the waterhole. There is always activity around the waterhole, whether it be day or night. The incredible game viewing can continue at night, since we have equipped the waterhole with lights.

Services offered by Bagwele Safaris and Mogwele Game Lodge


Bagwele Safaris and Mogwele Game Lodge have all the amenities to facilitate either Rifle and/or Bow hunting parties. All our hunts are planned according to the individualrequirements of our clients.


Hunting takes place all year round, although the ideal hunting season is during the months of April through to September, with June, July and August being the most popular months. These are the drier, more temperate months of the year when the bush provides less cover, making the game easier to spot. Hunting can be arranged during the "out of season" months, bearing in mind that the summer heat and rains result in high temperatures and humidity during the months of October through to March.

We suggest that these factors be taken into consideration when planning your safari.


The hunting grounds are divided into two privately owned conservancy areas, with a total area of 1,100 hectares (2,700 acres). Due to the nature of rifle hunting, we restrict our rifle hunting to four (4) rifle hunters during any one session (Morning/Evening). This restriction however does not apply to bow hunters hunting from one of our bow blinds or tree stands.


Our Professional Hunters and Trackers ensure that selective hunting is managed to the best interests of the breeding herds. By hunting in harmony with nature's needs we can achieve our aim of conservation through utilisation, ensuring a hunting and wildlife heritage for future generations.

Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting is by far the most popular form of hunting in South Africa, and takes place mainly by means of "walk and stalk" or ambush hunts. Both these options provide a challenging, exhilarating and exciting hunt where your skills will be tested whilst tracking down or attempting to outsmart your quarry.


In our bushveld region, shots typically range from 50 meters (54 yards) to 100 meters (110 yards). The calibers which are most commonly used to hunt in South Africa are the 7mm Remington Mag., 30-06, .300 Winchester Mag., various other .30 calibers and .375 H&H Magnum. This is merely a statement and should not be seen as a recommendation.


A .30 caliber rifle with a telescope will be suitable for most of the South African Plains Game. Please, no semi-automatic firearms or calibers smaller than .270!


We strongly advise that you only bring premium grade bullets for those calibers you will be using on your safari.


Bow Hunting


We can provide Bow hunting safaris for all of the plains game species detailed on our price list. Bow hunting in South Africa can be extremely challenging and very rewarding. The highest success rates are usually achieved through the use of blinds and/or tree stands.


We do however recommend the thrill of a "walk and stalk" bow hunt and the extreme challenge that this type of hunting provides. To complete a successful "walk and stalk" bow hunt, conditions have to be perfect, your skills honed and your patience unwavering.


When it comes to Bows a minimum draw weight of 50lbs is required for plains game. We however recommended that you use a bow with a draw weight of between 60lbs and 80lbs.


Our commitment is to ensuring that all who visit Bagwele Safaris and Mogwele Game Lodge enjoy a memorable experience particular to each visitors needs.


All of the Mogwele Staff, from the office staff, the camp staff and hunting staff are committed to making your safari the experience of a lifetime.



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