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The name Modimolle means 'The Spirits have eaten' after the tradition of offering food to the forefathers' spirits by tribes in the area, and them pushing their enemies over the cliffs of the hill. The original name was Nylstroom, named after the Voortrekkers came across the north-flowing river and mistook the river for the Nile River in Egypt. The fact that there are a pyramid shaped hill closeby only served to strengthen this misconception.


Modimolle, Limpopo, is a charming town with an expanding business sector which serves as the commercial centre of the Waterberg. Nylstroom(Modimolle) is famous for their exports of grapes and other soft fruits like peaches and watermelons.


Modimolle, South Africa's landmark is a solitary hill named Kranskop. This is the reason for the new name of this town as it is one of the hills referred to as Modimolle hill by African people in the area.


JG Strijdom, a former Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa used to live in Nylstroom/Modimolle for 20 years and his house is now refered to as the JG Strijdom house and museum and has been declared a national monument. Erich Mayer and Pierneef are well known artists who lived and worked in Nylstroom, South Africa. It is said that the famous architect Gerhard Moerdijk got his inspiration for the Voortrekker Monument from the profile of the Modimolle hill/Kranskop.


The Anglo-Boer war concentration camp was established in Nylstroom/Modimolle in 1901.

Modimolle/Nylstroom, Limpopo is a tourist attraction because of the huge variety of outdoor recreation options. These options range from birding, horse riding and hiking to helicopter rides and hunting. The pleasant climate with hot summers and relatively moderate winters makes Nylstroom/Modimolle a tourist/travellers destination.


Modimolle is also known as the 'Gateway to Africa Eden' as the town is flanked by Nylsvlei Wetland and the Waterberg Biosphere, both are tourist attractions and tourist destinations. Visitors regularly travel trough this small Limpopo town to visit the nearby lodges, mineral spas, game reserves or hunting destinations.


Modimolle is a well oiled tourist destination and offers a variety of outdoor attractions such as

  • rock climbing,
  • extreme sky diving,
  • 4X4 and quad trails,
  • hiking trails,
  • birding,
  • fishing,
  • boating,
  • horse riding
  • awesome golf courses.

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