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All Round Safaris is a tour operator company that travels and safaris in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia


ALLROUNDSAFARIS specializes in self drive 4X4 safaris into unspoiled African wilderness areas.


Allroundsafaris is a family-owned and operated safari business. We pride ourselves on our professional way of conducting safaris having 15 years of experience. This is also an opportunity to take part in the culture and history of the indigenous people.


Our clients become our friends and return to do another safari with us. These safaris are tailor-made to give either the experienced or inexperienced person the opportunity to navigate some of the most scenic and unspoiled wilderness areas in Africa only accessible by 4X4 vehicle.


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When booking with Allroundsafaris, you are sure to experience THE ROUTE LESS TRAVELLED!!


Join us to explore the rugged African wilderness areas and see places that only the real explorers get to see. This is your opportunity to drive and navigate your own fully equipped exploration vehicle through some of the toughest and most scenic terrain in AFRICA! Combine this adventure with the best wildlife, scenic wonders and secret cultures that Africa has to offer!

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South Africa is one of those countries that just have almost everything; Great wildlife, open savannah, Majestic Mountains, semi arid expanses and a coastline that encircles most of this Rainbow country. What normally comes to mind is the variation of this country. You can stand in Mega city of Johannesburg in the morning and late afternoon sip on your cocktail while enjoying breathtaking scenes of wilderness and wildlife. For us it’s always a nice combination of organized civilization and rugged, adventures Africa.


Making great safaris in Kruger National Park, or discovering ancient civilisations of Mapungubwe, South Africa has the vibrant culture and scenery that will amaze you, and leave something in your heart that will always draw you back. South Africa is definitely a country that has something for everybody. Are you the adventurer that seek the hidden thrills of navigating an off road vehicle through the secluded wilderness areas of Kruger National Park or leaping of the World highest bungy jump.


Do you want to spoil your partner with an African Adventure that will have everybody at home envy you? All that we can say do not wait any longer!! South Africa is surely one of those ‘have to’ destinations; why not have Allroundsafaris guide you to the best unexplored routes in the Rainbow Country.



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The question arises why Botswana and not another country in Southern Africa?


What does Botswana offer?


This African country has a stable government, good mannered and friendly people belonging to the Tswana tribe. Botswana is described by many as the jewel of Africa. I do believe it is the conservation policy of the Government regarding the fauna and flora, to ensure the total free roaming of the wildlife with no physical barriers, to stop the migratory routes of animals.


This is where in modern times one can still experience the real Africa of days long past like so many early explorers enjoyed. Here the off-road 4x4 vehicle is the norm and sand tracks between Mopani and Acacia forests get the spirit of exploration living in a person’s veins with the drone of the engine and the question of “Will we get stuck”.


Welcome to deepest, darkest Africa! Sitting at night around a camp fire, gazing into the flames with the sound of Hippopotamus in the river, the bone chilling call of the Jackal and the laugh of the Hyena, gives you the feeling that you are part of the African bush. Here you can still have the complete wildlife experience between herds of African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Giraffe and predators like Lion, Hyena, Leopard, Jackal, not forgetting the Baboon and Monkeys that pays a regular visit to the campsite to do a bit of ‘shopping’.


Every visit to Botswana is the next highlight of my existence.

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Our experiences started in 1995 when we visited Zambia for the fist time, and fell in love with the country, the wildlife and its people. Being a place where you can still experience the old Africa as the earlier explorers use to experience in the open wildlife areas where time stands still. Even today there are only a few places where the African Elephant walk through town and all traffic must stop and give way to them. Having a meal at the Traditional Restaurant; what an experience! We nowadays visit Zambia regularly, and still having the same feelings regarding this country!

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While writing this, my memories of the many years of exploring Namibia, is passing through my mind, as a slide-show, of the splendour and total diversity of this Land of Contrast. It takes me back to the peaceful flow of the Okavango River and the singing of the Kavango people in the light morning breeze;


The drone of the 4x4 Exploration vehicle's engine, labouring through the thick Kalahari sand of the Kaudom Game Park; The wide expanses of the Etosha Pan with its multitude of wildlife;


The waves of the cold Benguela current breaking on the shores of the Namib Desert; The great beauty of the Red coloured sand dunes of Sossusvlei;


The imposing Fish River Canyon, snaking through the southern expanses of the barren southern part, second only to the Grand Canyon. Not forgetting the friendships that were made with individuals of the different tribes that live in this Great Country. Every Safari lets you experience the heartbeat and thrill of this Wonderful Country NAMIBIA.


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All Round Safaris, African Safaris, Tour Operators South Africa, South African tours, Zambia tours, safaris Namibia, Botswana tours, tour operators Africa


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